Chiang Mai bridge collapses amid heavy rain, locals express relief

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The Wang Sa Kaeng Bridge, spanning the Ping River and connecting the Chom Thong district of Chiang Mai and Wiang Nong Long district of Lampoon, collapsed after heavy rainfall. The incident, which occurred at 5.31pm yesterday, was captured by locals, who expressed relief at the bridge’s collapse, citing its long-standing disrepair.

The collapse of the Wang Sa Kaeng bridge, which connects Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai, with Wiang Nong Long district, Lampoon, was precipitated by continuous rising water levels in the Ping River and heavy rainfall in various areas, particularly upstream. The impact was so significant that it caused loud noises and vibrations felt across the surrounding areas.

Chatchai Jomdech, a senior civil engineer, and Sompong Monkeaw, Head of the Rural Highway Department in Chiang Mai, reported the incident promptly to Nirat Pongsittithavorn, the Governor of Chiang Mai.

The report detailed the impact of heavy rainfall and flooding in Chiang Mai, with a special mention of the Wang Sa Kaeng bridge, which had collapsed into the Ping River, reported Sanook.

However, locals from both districts expressed relief at the bridge’s collapse. This bridge had been in a state of disrepair and unusable since October 2022, with its structure crumbling and the bridge’s neck damaged to the point that vehicular traffic could not pass.

The Thai authorities had banned its use for a full year, but locals still secretly used it for pedestrian traffic or for motorcycles and bicycles, as using the alternative bridge would mean a ten-kilometre detour.

Despite its state, there has been no progress in repairing or renovating the bridge in the past year. When it finally collapsed yesterday, locals were relieved that no one was hurt and hoped that it would prompt various agencies to expedite remedial actions, after having to endure the impact for a full year.

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