BYD price cuts spark outrage among existing customers

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BYD’s recent price cuts have sparked significant outrage among its customers, who feel that they have lost substantial amounts of money due to the new promotions. The electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer announced discounts of up to 340,000 baht, leading to a wave of discontent among early adopters who purchased vehicles before the price drop.

The announcement has led many consumers to voice their dissatisfaction online, with numerous posts flooding social media platforms. Some customers have gone as far as writing letters to the company’s management, consulting lawyers for potential lawsuits, and even offering to give away their vehicles for free.

One particularly frustrated owner posted a video on Facebook, venting their anger with strong language. The individual wrote,

“I bought this BYD car with my money, so I have the right to complain. If anyone has a problem, sue me. I hate BYD and hope they go bankrupt soon. I feel like I’ve lost 100,000 baht. I’m going to drive it back to the company and leave it there.”

The price cuts are part of BYD’s celebration of opening a new manufacturing plant in Thailand. The company announced that their entry-level model would be discounted by up to 340,000 baht. Similarly, their flagship model is also included in the discount promotions and will be reduced by up to 120,000 baht until the end of July.

BYD’s decision to slash prices has not only angered existing customers but also raised questions about the company’s pricing strategy. Many feel that the significant reductions devalue the vehicles they have already purchased, leading to a perceived loss in investment.

The controversy has also caught the attention of legal experts. Some owners are considering legal action, believing that the sudden price cuts may have breached consumer rights or misled early buyers. Despite the backlash, BYD has not yet issued a formal response to the complaints, reported KhaoSod.

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