Buriram military officer seeks forgiveness after killing two cyclists in hit-and-run accident

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A 52 year old military officer from a camp in Buriram province has requested permission to conduct funeral rites for two cyclists he fatally struck with his pickup truck. The incident involved six bicycles and took place on Highway No. 24 from Chokchai to Dech Udom, specifically at the 133+800 km mark in Chalerm Phrakiat district.

The collision resulted in two fatalities and four injuries, with the bicycles severely damaged.

The military officer, Chatchapetch, along with his parents, visited the families of the deceased yesterday, seeking forgiveness for the incident and expressing his regret. He vowed to ordain in front of the funeral pyres of the two victims and discuss compensation with the families once the funeral rites concluded, reported KhaoSod.

The first victim, 64 year old Pichanon, was honoured at Wat Hua Saphan in Nangrong district, Buriram province. His family planned to conduct the funeral rites on the afternoon of today. The second victim, 65 year old Narongchai, a retired veterinarian, was honoured at Wat Nong Samet, also in Nangrong district. His family planned the funeral rites for tomorrow.

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Chatchapetch has been charged with two counts: reckless driving causing death and injury, and property damage and hit-and-run. The investigation is currently in progress, with evidence being collected to conclude the case for prosecution.

Two days ago, two cyclists tragically lost their lives, and others sustained injuries when a speeding pickup truck crashed into a group of cyclists in a hit-and-run incident. The incident, which occurred in the darkness of the early morning, has left the victims’ families and cycling community in shock and demanding justice.

Today at 5am, local police in Buriram province received an alert about the hit-and-run traffic incident involving a group of cyclists.

Upon reaching the scene of the accident on Route 24, between Isan Khet and Chaloem Phra Kiat, they discovered a grim scene. Parts of mountain bikes were scattered across the road and two fatalities were confirmed. To read more click HERE

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