Buddhism Office says Thai Buddhists shouldn’t judge monks’ behaviour


The director of the National Buddhism Office says it’s not for Thai Buddhists to judge the behaviour of monks, which should be left to Buddhist councils. Instead, Thai Buddhists should continue to respect monks and refrain from judging them for their misdeeds. According to a Pattaya News report, Sippaworn Kaewngam says respect for Buddhist monks is a key component of the religion and crucial to developing Buddhism in Thailand.

“Everyone must work together to protect Buddhism. Don’t use your own thoughts to judge things above the law and disrespect the power of the Buddhist council. This will confuse people. A monk’s fault must be considered and executed by the monks as it has always been defined in the rules of the Sangha Council.”

Sippaworn says the relevant departments will take action against any Buddhist monk found guilty of misconduct. However, such a process can take time and the sensitive nature of such cases risks negatively affecting Buddhists. For this reason, he says such procedures are not always publicly announced. He adds that anyone who witnesses a Buddhist monk behaving inappropriately can notify the Buddhism Office via its hotline rather than take matters into their own hands.

“Measures and regulations to protect Buddhism in the National Buddhism Office were effective and strong, so the Buddhists could put their concerns to rest. Meanwhile, if they witnessed any improper actions that could affect Buddhism, monks, Buddhist followers, or groups of people, please notify the Buddhism Office via hotline 1374. Do not act on their own because it may be violating Thai law. It was not the duty of the Buddhist citizen and they should respect the monks.”

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SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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