Thai woman allegedly murdered in Oman after being thrown from 4th floor of condo

Photo via Pawarisa Oil

A Thai woman is claiming that her Omani husband murdered her Thai friend. She claims her friend was thrown from the 4th floor of a condominium in Oman after fighting with her husband.

Last Friday, the Facebook user Pawarisa Oil posted a sympathy message to her friend, saying that her friend was thrown from a building in Oman. Pawarisa said that her friend had a fight with the husband and was assaulted before being allegedly thrown down from the 4th floor of a condominium.

She finished by saying that her friend shouldn’t have ended up this way “because she was a good person and worked aboard to take care of her family”. Pawarisa added that she wanted to raise funds to bring her friend’s corpse back to the family in Thailand.

After the story went viral on Thai social media, Thai reporters visited the victim’s house in the northeastern province of Sakhon Nakhon, initially to verify the story.

The female victim was reported to be a 30 year old Suparat “Praew” Nganlasom. Her family said she had 2 children with her Thai husband, but they had already divorced. Praew’s aunt said she traveled to work in Oman 3 years ago to provide funds for her 2 children and her father, who was a psychiatric patient. The aunt added that relatives had to stay close to the father because he was depressed after learning that his daughter had already passed away.

The victim’s friend, Pawarisa, who posted the original stories, told Thai media that another friend living in Oman informed her about Praew’s death. She said she was raising funds to bring her friend’s body home because the cost was pretty high at about 150,000 baht. She had already received some 90,000 baht and would ask for help and support from the relevant Thai departments.

A Thai celebrity and singer, Petch Saharat, is also helping friends and family raise funds to bring the woman’s corpse home for a Buddhist funeral and cremation.

The information about the Omani husband, and the claims about the murder, are yet to be followed up by Omani media and police.

SOURCE: Channel 3

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