Double trouble: British lookalikes forge unlikely friendship on flight to Thailand

Photo courtesy of Mark Garland via Daily Mail

An airport mix-up led a pair of British lookalikes to discover they not only shared the same flight but also the same name, sparking an unlikely friendship.

The lookalikes, Mark Garland, a 58 year old bus driver from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and another Mark Garland, a 62 year old builder from Warmley, Bristol, were inadvertently seated next to each other on an 11-hour flight from London to Bangkok.

Upon attempting to check in at Heathrow Airport on March 2, Mark Garland, the bus driver, encountered confusion as airport staff informed him that he was already accounted for. It turned out that another Mark Garland, the builder, had been mistakenly checked in for his place on the EVA Air flight due to a clerical oversight. Adding to the peculiarity, the two men bore a striking resemblance, sporting similar features and bald heads.

Once aboard the flight, the British lookalikes found themselves not only sharing the same name but also uncovering a string of uncanny coincidences. Throughout the journey, they realised they shared identical hobbies, had a mutual friend, and astonishingly, both had four children. Furthermore, the lookalikes discovered they lived just 15 miles apart, with the older Garland occasionally riding on the bus driven by the younger one.

The bus driver reflected on the one-in-a-million encounter.

“We were so shocked by how strange it was. We both kept laughing and smiling about it, it made me happy.”

The bond deepened as they discussed their mutual love for Thailand. The 62 year old had visited the country 13 times, while the 58 year old boasted an impressive 83 visits. Despite both being single, they were heading on holiday for three and four weeks respectively, reported Herald Online.

By the end of the flight, the British lookalikes had formed a strong friendship, with the younger Garland even admitting to having a brief nap on his newfound friend’s shoulder. As they landed in Thailand, plans were made to meet up for a beer, marking the beginning of what promises to be a lasting connection.

The 62 year old builder remarked, “I’ve made a friend for life.”

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