Cash and carry: Vietnamese bride’s counting prowess wows online

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A Vietnamese bride‘s ingenious approach to dealing with the overwhelming number of cash-filled envelopes from her wedding grabbed the spotlight online. Using a money counting machine, the savvy bride easily managed the task, garnering attention on social media.

Counting money after a wedding ceremony is considered a charming activity for many couples, as they smile at the names of relatives and friends written on the envelopes while receiving cash gifts as a symbolic gesture of goodwill to start their married life. However, when the number of envelopes runs into the hundreds or even thousands, counting money accurately can pose a challenge. To streamline the process, a Vietnamese bride recently demonstrated an efficient and precise method.

Vietnamese website published images of the bride who had prepared a money-counting machine after her wedding. Her task was simple: open the envelopes, place the money in the machine, and allow it to do the work. This enabled the newlyweds to quickly and precisely tally the total amount of cash received.

The bride’s money-counting machine images sparked interest on social media. Many admired her clever idea, even considering such a machine for their future weddings. Some comments included:

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“Even though we have to spend it on others’ weddings in the future, let’s enjoy the happy moment now. Look at all that money, everyone would want it.”

“The bride must come from a wealthy family to have so many wedding envelopes and even her money-counting machine!”

“I’m going to marry soon. I’ll have to ask my future husband to buy a money-counting machine like this. It’s so pleasing to watch.”

These reactions illustrate how the wedding activity of opening envelopes and placing money into the counting machine can be quite enjoyable, with many looking forward to their opportunity to do the same.

Similarly, yesterday, a Vietnamese couple’s lavish engagement ceremony with 7.3 million baht (US$201,000) cash and 50 gold necklaces. Read more of the story HERE.

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