Flood-prone rail underpass raises safety concerns in Thailand, locals demand action

Photo by Khaosod.

Residents in Thailand‘s northeast Nakhon Ratchasima have encountered recurring flooding in an underpass railway tunnel, severely affecting their daily commutes. Despite the water levels receding, the tunnel remains dangerous to traverse due to accumulated sediment and slippery roads.

According to reports, the under-construction Ban Bu underpass railway tunnel – part of a railway project connecting Chira Road and Khon Kaen is plagued by frequent flooding issues. Consequently, locals have erected a sign warning of the treacherous path, forcing residents to use longer detours, such as the horse bridge. The situation has significantly impacted the mobility of people in the area, reports Khaosod.

Although the floodwater within the underpass has currently subsided, the tunnel is still unfit for travel. The adverse conditions created by accumulated dirt and sediment have made the road slippery and potentially dangerous. Sompong Promchan, a 60-year-old resident, explained that the underpass experiences routine flooding whenever it rains heavily, due to its low-lying location which collects rainwater.

The problem, which has persisted for several years, is not new to the area. Authorities have reported that malfunctioning water pumps hinder timely water extraction. Local residents, affected by the ongoing issue, are urging responsible agencies to quickly address it, as they cannot use the tunnel for their daily commutes.

This morning, it was reported that heavy rain and flash floods are forecast across Thailand today with a 70% chance of Bangkok being affected. Compelling precautions, the Thai Meteorological Department has warned residents in at-risk areas.

The Meteorological Department reports that for the next 24 hours, beginning from 6pm yesterday until 6pm today, heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected across the northern, central, and eastern regions of Thailand. Some areas in the southern region on the Andaman Sea coast can expect very heavy downpours. Citizens in these regions are warned of the dangers associated with heavy to very heavy rainfall and accumulated rain, which may lead to flash floods and forest runoff, particularly in areas near slopes, riverbanks, and low-lying land.

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