Unhappy ever after: Groom laughs as bride falls on wedding day

Picture of the falling bride courtesy of Sanook.

A wedding celebration took an unexpected turn when the bride suddenly stumbled and fell in front of the guests. Shockingly, the groom’s reaction was to stand and laugh without offering any assistance.

A Vietnamese website, docbao, reported the incident that occurred at a couple’s wedding ceremony. As the bride, dressed in a beautiful gown, was walking up the stage, her shoe accidentally got caught on her dress, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the floor.

However, instead of rushing to help his bride, the groom remained motionless on the spot, still holding a lit sparkler in his hand. He looked at his fallen bride and laughed, as if to say, “It’s not my problem.” His reaction left the attending guests quite perplexed.

As soon as the images of this incident were shared on social media platforms, a torrent of comments poured in from netizens. The groom’s behaviour led many to predict an unhappy married life ahead for the couple, particularly due to the groom’s apparent lack of empathy.

One commenter said…

“Just watching this scene is enough to predict their future after marriage. The bride should learn to love herself more!”

The incident sparked a wider debate among people who have seen the footage, with opinions divided about the importance of showing support and empathy towards one’s partner. On one hand, some suggest that the groom’s laughter may have been an unconscious coping mechanism in response to an unexpected and embarrassing situation. On the other hand, many argue that this is a clear example of an unsupportive partner who prioritises his amusement over his bride’s well-being and dignity.

This unfortunate event has also led some to reflect on the concept of love and partnership in marriages. Many consider trust, understanding, and empathy as essential cornerstones for a successful and lasting union. By contrast, the groom’s behaviour at this particular wedding raises concerns about the future of the couple’s partnership, as his actions could signify a deeper lack of emotional support and understanding.

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