Boys aged 14 apprehended for throwing stones at vehicles in Phatthalung

A group of four boys, all aged 14 years old, were apprehended today, for causing mischief by throwing stones at passing vehicles, causing damage and distress. The main victim was a 27 year old motorist called Natthaphong, who was transporting young boxers from Trang province for a competition. The incident occurred on the Manohra bypass road, heading towards the city centre in Phatthalung province.

The boys were said to be lurking near the entrance of a housing estate as the vehicles passed by. They then proceeded to hurl stones at the vehicles causing the windshield of Natthaphong’s Toyota Vigo to shatter. The boys then fled into the housing estate. When asked why they had committed such an act, the boys simply claimed they had “nothing to do.”

Natthaphong, along with his team of boxers, immediately reported the incident to the police and, together with residents, they initiated a search within the housing estate. After nearly an hour, two of the boys were found hiding in one of the rental houses and another was found in a nearby forest. However, the fourth boy remains at large.

Upon questioning, the boys confessed to their actions and revealed that all four of them were friends. When asked by the victims why they had committed such an act, the boys simply stated they had nothing to do, so they decided to pick up stones and throw them at passing vehicles for amusement. They planned their act by hiding by the roadside, throwing stones at the vehicles, and then running away.

“I was just returning from a boxing competition with my team when suddenly a group of boys threw stones at my vehicle. They then ran into the housing estate. Fortunately, with the help of the police and residents, we managed to find three of them. I hope this incident serves as a lesson to them.”

The police have taken the boys into custody and reported the incident to their parents. The boys are now facing charges of intentional damage to others’ property. The police have urged parents to keep a close eye on their children’s activities to prevent such incidents from happening in the future, reported KhaoSod.

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