Body of missing Belgian man found after ignoring red flag in Phuket

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A Belgian man drowned after ignoring a red flag warning on Freedom Beach in Phuket. Thai netizens’ opinions were divided. Some expressed condolences to his family, while others condemned him for being reckless and causing trouble to rescuers.

According to a Phuket Times report on June 22, two accidents were reported on Kata and Freedom beaches. In the first incident, two victims got into trouble in the sea after violating the warning sign on Kata Beach but lifeguards managed to help them safely.

Four other victims ignored the red flag on Kata Beach on the same day. Among the four individuals involved in the incident, two were identified as a Yemeni man and a Belgian man, while the other two chose to keep their nationalities private. Lifeguards successfully rescued three of the victims, but the Belgian man remained missing.

Rescue teams have been searching for the Belgian man, identified as 28 year old Luvovadio Allan Deraut, since the day of the incident, but have so far been unsuccessful in locating him.

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The strong waves and winds have raised concerns among Thai netizens for the safety of the rescue team. Many have expressed their support and encouragement for the rescuers, while others have criticised the tourists for recklessly endangering the lives of the rescue workers.

“I feel sorry for the rescuers who have to be in danger because of these ignorant people. There was a red flag on the beach. Some of the flags could not even stand the strong wind, why did you dare to swim?”

“I would like to give encouragement to all lifeguards on the beach.”

“I think authorities must close all the beaches or find a better solution. If not, more losses will be reported.”

“Those tourists walked into danger by themselves.”

“Why are foreigners so stubborn? Relevant authorities must put up a big sign to explain the red flag. Some beachgoers may not understand its meaning.”

The Phuket Times reported today, June 24, that the body of Deraut was washed up on Freedom Beach at about 4.30am after two days of disappearance. His body will be transferred to a hospital for an autopsy.

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