Revered monk’s lost diamond ring returned for 50,000 baht

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A diamond-studded gold ring, blessed by the revered monk Luang Por Perm and lost during a ceremony, has been returned to its owner, earning the finder a 50,000 baht reward.

The story began when a Facebook user, Pong Lotus Ayutthaya, reported losing the precious ring at a merit-making ceremony at Wat Hua Khung in Suphan Buri on June 16. The ring, which slipped off Natthapong Prachai’s finger at 3.50pm, was highly valued due to its association with the famous monk from Wat Pom Kaew, Ayutthaya. Following the offer of a 50,000 baht reward, the ring was successfully returned to its grateful owner.

The 42 year old Natthapong was deeply distressed about losing the ring, which held significant sentimental value. The ring was one of only 99 ever made.

Natthapong yesterday, June 23, revealed that around 11pm on June 22, a good Samaritan called to inform him that the ring had been found. The meeting was arranged for today in Suphan Buri, where Natthapong met 42 year old Natthawut, the citizen who found the ring.

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Natthawut recounted that he had attended the ordination ceremony with relatives. During the merit-making event, he stood in front of the temple where many people were collecting coins thrown as part of the ceremony. He used his shirt to catch the coins and stored them in his pocket without realising that the ring was among them.

Only yesterday, while sorting through the coins to buy cigarettes, did Natthawut discover the precious ring. Recognising it from the posts circulating online, he consulted a friend who knew Natthapong. By 11pm, the friend had contacted Natthapong to convey the good news.

Natthapong expressed his disbelief and joy at the ring’s return, noting how he had been searching for days with no leads. During his search, he visited several temples and had his fortune read by Phra Khru Kitti Wiranuwat, the abbot of Wat Nong Luang in Nong Ya Sai district, Suphan Buri. The abbot predicted that Natthapong would get the ring back on June 22, and it came true.

Upon receiving the ring, Natthapong promptly rewarded Natthawut with 50,000 baht and then visited Wat Nong Luang to thank Phra Khru Kitti Wiranuwat. Natthapong plans to offer traditional Thai shadow puppetry, a set of rice noodles, and 100 bottles of green and red syrup drinks to fulfil his promise on July 4. He also intends to visit several other temples to express his gratitude, reported Sanook.

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