Angry vagina: Cocky claims of wives’ privates leads to knife attack

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Two duck farm workers engaged in a heated argument over a boastful claim regarding their wives’ vaginas, leading to a violent knife attack where a Lao man attacked a Thai colleague, nearly severing his ear.

Krittanat Som-arom, an officer with Chachoengsao Police Station, yesterday at 9pm, received a report of a violent incident between duck farm workers in Soi Leab Khlong Chao, Mueang Chachoengsao. The altercation resulted in serious injuries, prompting immediate coordination with rescue personnel.

At the scene in front of a grocery store, the injured party was identified as 48 year old Naiyana, also known as Noi. He exhibited signs of drunkenness and severe injuries, including a large knife wound on his nearly severed left ear, a ten-centimeter-long cut on his head, and a deep slash on his left arm exposing tendons.

Rescue workers promptly administered first aid before transporting Naiyana to Phutthasothon Hospital. The perpetrator, identified as 35 year old Nong, a Lao national, fled the scene following the attack. Both individuals were employed as duck farm workers.

Police proceeded to the workers’ temporary shelter, located about 300 metres from the shop in the middle of a field. The area comprised makeshift shelters and tents. A search revealed empty bottles of liquor, indicating recent consumption by the workers, but no knife was found, suggesting Nong had taken it while fleeing.

An interview with Joy, another duck farm worker who was also intoxicated, revealed that he had been working there for a long time, while Naiyana and Nong had only recently joined, about two to three days ago. Previously, the two worked at separate locations, but due to a decrease in the number of ducks, their employer consolidated their duties at this site.

Joy explained that the workers typically gathered each evening to drink and chat. On this particular night, the conversation shifted to their wives back home, leading to a boastful exchange about which wife had the largest vagina. Noi and Nong both claimed superiority, refusing to back down, which escalated into a verbal confrontation and ultimately a knife attack.

Joy recounted that while the argument ensued, he stepped away to urinate and did not witness the actual attack. However, he heard screams and saw Naiyana running to the shop for help, while Nong hastily collected his belongings from the tent and vanished. Police are now intensifying their search for Nong, who remains at large, reported KhaoSod.

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