BMTA set to go green with 3,390 electric buses

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Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) embarks on an initiative to replace its ageing fleet with 3,390 electric buses, announced Deputy Transport Minister Manaporn Charoensri.

During a recent board meeting, it was revealed that the BMTA has prioritised the urgent acquisition of new electric buses, aligning with its commitment to mitigate environmental impact across the metropolitan area.

Manaporn, overseeing the BMTA, disclosed that the procurement process will unfold in three phases. Initially, 350 buses will be acquired, followed by 1,520 buses in each subsequent phase.

Originally scheduled for completion by 2023, 2024, and 2025 respectively, the project faced setbacks due to the reconstitution of the BMTA board. However, with the newly appointed members convening, the procurement plan has gained momentum.

Anticipating swift action, the BMTA aims to finalise the purchasing contract for the initial 350 EV buses by June or July, with deliveries expected by August or September this year.

Funding for the venture will be drawn from the BMTA’s investment budget for the fiscal year 2024, facilitating the gradual phasing out of older buses, particularly those lacking air-conditioning units, reported The Nation.

In addition to the electrification initiative, the board greenlit other projects, including the implementation of the BMTA GPS – Fleet Management System and the transformation of Bang Khen and Minburi depots into commercial hubs.

In related news, Songkhla province is considering lifting restrictions on foreign-registered buses, potentially allowing them to cross provincial boundaries. The move aims to attract more visitors, predominantly from Malaysia, to explore other scenic destinations in southern Thailand, reveals a local tourism authority.

In other news, Switzerland‘s purchase of carbon offsets from Thailand under the Paris Agreement‘s Article 6.2 mechanism has been criticised as the legitimacy of the emission reductions claimed comes under fire. Switzerland has sealed the first-ever transaction under the Paris Agreement’s Article 6.2, acquiring carbon offsets from Thailand linked to the introduction of electric buses in Bangkok.

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