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    BTS Skytrain workers demand 50 billion baht debt is settled

    Over 300 Bangkok BTS Skytrain workers staged a protest outside the Government House today, demanding that the Thai government settles its debt of over 50 billion baht. The workers are threatening to strike if the debt is not repaid or a measure is launched to solve the issue. The government and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) owe over 50 billion baht to…

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    Bangkok public bus condemned by Singaporean tourist

    A Singaporean tourist condemned Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) public buses after the driver of a bus in the capital closed its door and drove off as she was about to climb onboard. A Singaporean woman posted a video on her TikTok account, njwah, complaining about the service of a public bus in Bangkok. She wrote captions in Thai and…

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    7 year old girl falls from mum’s bike, killed by oncoming public bus in Bangkok

    A seven year old girl was tragically killed on a Bangkok road yesterday while travelling to school. The child fell from her mother’s white Yamaha Scoopy motorcycle and was run over by an oncoming public bus. The driver drove on without stopping, later saying he did not notice the girl. A rescue team and medical workers from Sirirat Hospital rushed…

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    BTS Skytrain demands 40 billion baht debt is paid

    The BTS Skytrain, under the BTS Group Holdings Public Company, launched a video yesterday to demand their money back! BTS says the government owes them 40 billion baht and they want the debt paid. The BTS revealed it intends to shame the government by airing the debt-collection message on every screen inside BTS trains and station platforms along Sukhumvit, or…

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    Taxi fares in Bangkok to increase in two weeks

    The Ministry of Transport yesterday approved a motion to increase taxi fares in Bangkok after recent protests by the capital’s cab drivers. The new fares are expected to come into operation in the next two weeks. The Transport Ministry announced a month ago that taxi fares in Thailand would be increased after eight years of stagnation. The department of transport…

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    BMTA replaces mushroom seat on Bangkok public bus

    UPDATE The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) today apologised to the city’s passengers after a story of mushrooms growing out of a public bus seat went viral on Thai social media. The picture of the mushroom-growing seat, posted by political activist Jatuporn “New” Saenueng, drew complaints from Thai netizens. The BMTA responded to the criticism on its official Facebook page…

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    Room to shroom on Bangkok public buses

    A fungi picture of mushrooms growing out of the seat of a public bus in Bangkok has gone viral on Thai social media. Some netizens made fun of pictures saying shitake happens while others were more serious saying enough is enough, time to refurbish Thai public buses. Political activist Jatuporn “New” Saeoueng posted the picture of the mushrooms growing out…

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    Rail operators deny passengers were trapped for 4 hours

    UPDATE Asia Era One’s Public Relations team denied any passengers were trapped in an Airport Rail Link train after a power failure last month. Asia Era One, who is responsible for the operation of the Airport Rail Link train, wants to clarify what happened when the power went down on Saturday, September 24. There were no passengers trapped inside the…

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    Angry woman taxi driver fined for racing a bus in Bangkok

    An emotionally-charged taxi driver appeared to lose her mind and forget her responsibilities as she turned into a joyriding thrill seeker as she played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a bus coach. A video of three university students in the back of the crazed taxi driver’s car was posted last Friday, August 19, and went viral on…

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    New Bangkok tunnel closed on opening day due to flood

    You couldn’t make this up. Finally, after 13 years of construction, the new Fai Chai Tunnel in Bangkok officially opened yesterday only to close due to a flood. Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt last month visited the unfinished Fai Chai Tunnel to talk with the Director of the Public Work Department, Taiwut Khankaew, about the project’s delay. Chadchart made a few…

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    Green line extension price issues, Hua Hin Peeping Toms | Good Morning Thailand | Ep.148

    In today’s episode Jay, Natty and Forrest discuss about the Chiang Mai street vendors, Green line extension price issues, Union against Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong train station shutdown and Hua Hin Peeping Toms.