Blackpink’s Lisa creates stir with Nong Pho Milk clip, Thai news anchor receives online harassment

PHOTO: Youtube/sorrayuth9115, Instagram/Gukoiiz

News anchor, Sorayuth Suthassanachinda recently expressed his anger over the online harassment he received after posting about Lisa of the Korean girl group Blackpink, who was seen drinking Nong Pho milk in a clip. Sorayuth clarified that the milk is a royal project initiative and called those who attack him for sharing the post misguided.

In a Facebook post, Sorayuth shared a message concerning a video clip of Lisa from the renowned K-pop group Blackpink, which shows her dancing and drinking Nong Pho milk from Ratchaburi province. A user shared the post, questioned its significance, and tagged Sorayuth. The incident caused the journalist to become a target of online trolls.

During his news programme “Kammakon Khao” today, Sorayuth addressed the issue, saying that he had presented the content in a normal manner, and he is not sure why someone would question it. He highlighted that Nong Pho milk comes from a royal project initiated by King Rama IX. Sorayuth expressed his discontent towards individuals with malicious thoughts, seeking to tarnish the reputation of others.

Sorayuth indicated that if the harassment did not cease, legal action might be taken. His legal team is currently reviewing the situation. He emphasised the significance of personal stance in the matter and the need to correct those spreading false information. Sorayuth also warned those who forwarded these misleading messages that they might encounter legal consequences.

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