Beastly reptile crocs the world of small village in southern Thailand

A quiet village in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand was disturbed by a gigantic saltwater crocodile last night.

Villagers in Ban Si Thong in Tha Chana district were dumbstruck when they spotted a four-metre-long crocodile emerging from a ditch in the middle of the night, just 100 metres away from the community.

The beast did not come alone and was followed by a 1.5 metre crocodile which emerged from the ditch shortly afterwards, said Village Chief Samnuan Thongsri.

Chief Samnuan mobilised a team of crocodile catchers and ordered villagers to keep an eye on the rogue reptiles while waiting for the experts to arrive.

Pilaiporn Thongmak from Thailand’s Fisheries Department said the animal was indeed a four-metre-long saltwater crocodile. He estimated it to weigh no less than 150 kilograms.

The colossal crocodilian and his little friend possibly got lost trying to enter the Kanthuli Canal, which would have eventually taken them out to sea, said Pilaiporn.

The crocodile catchers took extra care when capturing the big croc because saltwater crocodiles are known to be more aggressive than freshwater ones, they said.

Both crocodiles were tied up and the big boy had his eyes covered to keep him calm. The crocodile catchers took both animals to the Surat Thani Fisheries Research and Development Centre in Phun Phin district to be cared for.

The crocodiles probably escaped from a flooded farm somewhere nearby, said Pilaiporn.

Crocodiles emerging in unusual locations in the kingdom is nothing new. In September, a two-metre-long croc was spotted sauntering through the rainy streets of Chachoengsao in eastern Thailand.

Earlier that month, a man from Khon Kaen province in northeast Thailand bragged about shooting, barbequing and eating a crocodile that turned up on his property.

In August, a crocodile showed up in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

giant saltwater crocodile crocs the world of small village in southern thailand

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