Bangkok’s reckless foreign rider roils social media, netizens demand action against Sukhumvit speedster

Photo via Facebook/ พูดคุยทั่วไปLaLaDriver&LINEMAN and Once 31

Thai social media users have called upon the police to take action against a serial foreign motorcyclist offender, observed engaging in reckless driving along Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road. Referred to by locals as “Tua Tueng Sukhumvit,” which translates to “the top of Sukhumvit,” the foreign rider has drawn attention across the region.

Numerous Thai TikTokers have shared video footage of the foreign motorcyclist on their profiles, with some asserting that spotting him on Sukhumvit Road is a telltale sign. His distinctive riding style has certainly made an impression on other motorists.

The shared online videos consistently depict the foreign rider maintaining high speeds, even amidst heavy traffic on Sukhumvit Road. His behaviour frequently involves riding without a helmet, manoeuvring through narrow gaps between cars, cutting off other vehicles, disregarding traffic signals, and performing wheelies on public roads. Remarkably, all of his motorcycles lack number plates.

Netizens said…

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“I thought Sukhumvit Road was a race track when I saw him”

“I think he had a mental problem. I saw him waving at public buses and other vehicles on the road like a celebrity. He drove so fast and always squeezed the food delivery drivers.”

“I see him a lot. Riding so fast. Makes a lot of noise. Maybe he thinks he is cool.”

“The police have arrested him many times, but he keeps on doing the same thing.”

“I think he can’t do this in his home country, but in Thailand, he can…”

“It’s time to depart him…”

“I see him every day. We live in the same flat. He wakes people up every morning when he starts the engine.

“Not only on Sukhumvit Road. Asoke Road and Soi Pridi Panomyong too.”

Some locals said police had arrested the foreign man several times but he continues to engage in reckless behavior. Locals urged the police to take more serious action in this case to prevent the foreigner from posing a danger to the public.

The identity of the foreigner has not been revealed and police officers in charge of the area have not yet responded to the matter.


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