Father’s viral post: Humorously lists son for sale after iPhone 15 pro max mishap

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A viral social media post has been making rounds, where a father humorously announced the availability of his 12 year old son for purchase. Jackie Chew’s son had recently damaged his new iPhone 15 Pro Max, however, the device still functioned normally. The post quickly became a source of humour amongst netizens as the father cleverly listed his son’s ‘specifications’ rather than the phone’s.

In the viral Facebook post, Chew shares his experience when his son accidentally dropped his brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max, which was bought just a week ago. Despite the phone being broken, it was still operational. Making a light-hearted decision, he decided to put it up for sale at a low price, including the detailed specifications below the post.

Interestingly, the specifications listed were not of the phone but of his son. The 12 year old boy was revealed to be of Chinese descent and could communicate in both English and Chinese. This humorous twist left netizens in surprise, wondering what exactly the father was selling. The viral post seemed to be more of a playful jest between the father and son over the damaged latest model phone.

Father's viral post: Humorously lists son for sale after iPhone 15 pro max mishap | News by Thaiger
Jackie Chew’s viral post on Facebook following the iPhone damage done by his son. The post quickly gained attention, displaying humour. Photo by Jackie Chew, Facebook.

Upon the post’s release, it instantly went viral on social media. It received over 130,000 likes and has been shared more than 47,000 times, reported KhaoSod. It was met with various witty comments from netizens.

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“You should post the phone’s specifications, not your son’s.”

“Seems like the product will be popular.”

“Does he do house chores and can he raise chickens?”

“Don’t tease him. Send the leg for repair.”

“How much is the price?”

There’s been no update on whether the father received or accepted an offer on his son.

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