Car engine snake-tastrophe: Late-night drive in Bangkok takes a twist with surprise python visit

Picture courtesy of Khaosod.

A woman’s late-night drive took a slithery turn when a python, perhaps seeking a different kind of ‘carb’uretor, surprised her by emerging from the engine compartment after she returned from a meal. At around 1am on September 14, emergency services from the Thung Mahamek Fire Station were called to a parking lot in front of a convenience store in the Yan Nawa district of Bangkok.

The woman had been driving back from a meal with friends at Lang Linchi Road when the incident occurred. The 32 year old driver, and identified only as Monchanapath, was shocked to see a python’s head emerge from the front of her black Mazda2 car, with the license plate 7KT3806.

Monchanapath managed to quickly pull over and stop the car, immediately calling for assistance. The snake, identified as a one year old python measuring approximately 1.5 metres in length, was believed to be seeking warmth, given the frequent rainfalls. It was later safely removed by authorities and released back into a natural habitat.

Finding pythons in Thailand is not a new phenomenon. Two weeks ago a homeowner finally discovered the reason for his dwindling duck stock when he found a 3 metre long python lounging in his duck coop.

The early morning python discovery led the homeowner, Somsak Metta, to call for emergency assistance. The incident took place today, at house number 131, in the Bang Kung village, Si Maha Phot district, Prachin Buri province.

Somsak initially thought the ducks were being stolen when they started disappearing two at a time. On the morning of the incident, he discovered the culprit – a large python, in his duck coop. To read more about the story click HERE.

In another bizarre python story one resident got bitten by a snake and it proved to be good luck. Sarayut Malachan had a rollercoaster of luck. After purchasing some lottery tickets and boiling up some snake eggs to eat, he was attacked by a large python. While recovering from the vengeful snake bite, he discovered he won the lottery. To read more on the story click HERE.

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