Bangkok-Nong Khai train service to blaze a trail to Vientiane

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The Bangkok-Nong Khai train will depart from the Thanaleng station in Laos to the brand-new Khamsavath station in Vientiane next month.

The Director-General of the Department of Rail Transport, Pichet Kunadhamraks, revealed that the SRT has been operating trains from Nong Khai to Thanaleng, and now, the final stretch from Thanaleng to Khamsavath will mark the climax of this journey.

Covering a mere 7.5 kilometres, the journey from Nong Khai station to Khamsavath station promises to be a swift and economical adventure. With fares estimated at approximately 60 to 70 baht and a travel time of around 20 minutes, this extension is not just about reaching new destinations but doing it in style.

In an exclusive interview, Pichet revealed the details of the plans.

“This isn’t just an extension; it’s a leap into a new era of connectivity.”

Thai and Lao authorities are working in tandem to streamline immigration procedures for the extended service. To enhance passenger convenience, document checks are likely to be consolidated either in Nong Khai or Vientiane.

“It’s all about making the journey as smooth as possible. One check, and you’re on your way!”

Additionally, a strategic move is underway to ensure the safety and legal compliance of the extended service. Lao train drivers will take the helm of the Vientiane-bound trains at Nong Khai station. This tactical manoeuvre aims to prevent Thai drivers from facing legal ramifications in Laos, especially in the unfortunate event of accidents. To bolster this initiative, the SRT has trained nine Lao drivers, reported Bangkok Post.

The extended service will debut in April. The Bangkok-Nong Khai train service, departing from the Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal, will be renamed the Bangkok-Vientiane (Khamsavath) Express.

In related news, the State Railway of Thailand rolled out a 90-day booking service for CNR express trains on key routes, just in time for the upcoming Songkran festivities.

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