Phuket aims to slash greenhouse emissions by 440,000 tons by 2030

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Phuket officials assembled on Wednesday for an in-depth training workshop on the Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS). The mission: to slash the island’s greenhouse gas emissions by a hefty 440,000 tons – that’s 9.6% of the island’s total emissions – by the year 2030.

The workshop was masterminded by Watthanaphong Suksai, the director of Phuket’s Natural Resources and Environment office. Amid the bustle of Phuket City Municipality’s Engineering Division, he addressed the attendees on Wednesday, January 24, with a sense of urgency, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Suksai drew attention to the important role of his office in the fight against climate change. He outlined the progress made by the Phuket Natural Resources and Environment Office Provincial climate change and biodiversity coordination centres. Their efforts are part of the broader Capacity Development Project, a province-wide initiative to tackle climate change.

He presented the stark facts. In 2019, Phuket Province was responsible for around 3.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If the current trend continues, he warned, this number could surge to an alarming 4.6 million tons by 2030, reported Phuket News.

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Undeterred by these figures, Phuket set its sights on a bold target: to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 440,000 tons or 9.6% by 2030. According to Suksai, this will be achieved through a combination of increased energy efficiency, the development of alternative energy sources, and better management in sectors such as transportation and waste disposal.

Preechapat Khanwilaikul, Chairman of the Phuket Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Network Committee, described the LESS training workshop as a team effort. It involved 11 different organisations and agencies, including the prestigious Phuket Rajabhat University.

The aim of the workshop, he said, was to equip all participating agencies and educational institutions with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero emission goals. The official report of the meeting emphasised the workshop’s role in fostering cooperation and knowledge sharing on sustainable development and greenhouse gas management.

In addition to this, the workshop delved into topics such as carbon offset activities and the guidelines for reporting greenhouse gas data and reduction projects. This comprehensive approach, the report stated, highlights Phuket’s dedication to combating climate change, encouraging collaboration, and championing sustainable practices for a greener future.

Phuket aims to slash greenhouse emissions by 440,000 tons by 2030 | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of PR Phuket
Phuket aims to slash greenhouse emissions by 440,000 tons by 2030 | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of PR Phuket

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