Firestarter housemaid: Thai police uncover shocking twist in theft and Bangkok blaze case

A firefighter is searched by police after a housefire in Bangkok. Picture courtesy of Sanook.

In a surprising revelation following a fire incident, the Royal Thai Police (RTP) confirmed that a housemaid, a long-standing occupant of the damaged property, was indeed the criminal behind the theft and subsequent fire outbreak. Unforeseen by the homeowners, the incident came to light following investigations by the local police.

The fire broke out yesterday, August 6, in one of the properties in Soi Lat Phrao 109, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok, at approximately 4.52am. Firefighters acted swiftly, successfully suppressing the intense fire within only a few moments. However, drama unfolded after the fire was brought under control.

The RTP proceeded to search the firefighters who had come to execute their duty at the scene of the conflagration.

In a personal Facebook post, one of the firefighters expressed their surprise.

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“Since when do we have to undergo searches after extinguishing fires? Why do we have to prove our innocence?

“We don’t get paid for this, just loss and more loss. Occupations that are appreciated as heroes all over the world are treated with fear and suspicion here in Thailand.

“We are made to seem opportunistic thieves. We don’t feel angry, but why are we looked upon in this manner? None of us are related to the owner of the house. We never think about money, we can’t seriously. Just a thank you is enough, or maybe a cold bottle of water. We appreciate it. Don’t let this happen again.”

The same firefighter added that he did not intend for this post to go viral.

“We all understand everyone is just doing their duty. The police are called to clear their conscience, and firefighters comply for the same reason. Theft has occurred at fire sites before but not due to the actions of fire department officials. It’s just disappointing that people view our profession in this way.”

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office (DPMO) issued a message stating that there had been allegations against the firefighters for being involved in substantial property theft after containing the inferno. But once investigations were concluded, it was revealed that the housemaid, who had been living with the house owners for a substantial period, had orchestrated the fire and destroyed evidence.

The DPMO requested the cooperation of all firefighters and volunteers to comply with police searches to display innocence and ensure the comfort of all parties. This measure would also help to eliminate suspicions in instances where property had been lost at the scene of the incident.

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