Bangkok chef arrested for assault and rape of teenage employee

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A head chef in Bangkok was arrested for the alleged assault and rape of a 16 year old female employee after luring her under false pretences. The incident, which took place in the Pin Klao area, has led to the arrest of the 25 year old suspect, Watanyu.

In a swift operation following an arrest warrant issued by the Taling Chan Criminal Court dated December 8 of last year, Police Major General Thiti Sangsawang, the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau instructed Lieutenant Colonel Theeradet Thammasuthirat, Deputy Chief of Investigation and his team to apprehend the suspect.

The charges lodged against the chef are serious, encompassing the abduction of a minor for indecent purposes, taking a minor from their legal guardians without consent, and committing rape.

The ordeal dates back to late September last year when the victim’s parents noticed unusual behaviour in their daughter. Upon inquiry, the 16 year old revealed a harrowing account of her interactions with the chef, who was her supervisor at a Japanese restaurant located in a mall in the Pin Klao district.

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On the day of the incident, after her shift ended, Watanyu took advantage of his position, instructing the victim to accompany him to his apartment to finish some work. It was there that he forcibly assaulted and raped her.

After the assault, he coldly dropped the victim off in front of the very mall where she worked. The distraught girl managed to call a friend to take her home. Following this, the victim and her guardians filed a complaint with the Bang Yi Khan Police Station, leading to Watanyu’s capture.

Upon his arrest, the accused chef initially denied the allegations, later claiming that the act was consensual. He is now in the custody of the police station, awaiting legal proceedings, reported Khaosod.

The incident has sparked outrage and a call for stronger measures to protect minors and employees in workplace environments. The police have urged other potential victims to come forward, promising to ensure justice and uphold the rule of law.

This case is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that young workers face and the importance of enforcing strict policies to prevent such abuses.

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