Bang Sue Police arrest motorcycle gang causing disarray in Bangkok

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Bang Sue Police arrested a gang of motorcyclists for causing chaos near the Department of Land Transport in the Chatuchak district in Bangkok.

The vandals acted as middlemen for vehicle registration and tax payments, generating considerable distress amongst locals who communicated their grievances through the Traffy Fondue platform.

Following the directives of police officials including Torsak Sukvimol and Samran Nuanma, officers from Bang Sue Police Station launched a crackdown to eradicate all crime syndicates and mafia groups exerting influence in their jurisdiction. This operation principally carried out under Phuvadol Unpho, the station superintendent, targeted vehicle registration and tax evasion and involved personnel from various departments.

After numerous complaints, the Bang Sue Police zeroed in on the motorcycle vandals, apprehending ten people on suspicion of causing annoyance, intimidation, and nuisance to the public. The case was forwarded to the investigation department of Bang Sue Police Station who proceeded to press charges, levy fines and documented the perpetrators to prevent recurrence of such disruptions, reported KhaoSod.

The arrested individuals were notorious for causing problems around the Department of Land Transport area in Chatuchak, Bangkok by riding motorcycles against the flow of traffic and sometimes even hitting pedestrians. Their charades would often lure unsuspecting victims who would then be overcharged for the services.

Waraphat Sukthai, Deputy Police Superintendent of Bang Sue Police Station, said…

“The officials are not indifferent towards the grievances and sufferings of the public and have swiftly stepped in to mitigate the situation.”

He further added that the motorcycle gang’s behaviours, such as hitting cars with motorcycles, tapping on windows, and moving around in circles, caused widespread inconvenience to locals and incited fear in the community.

Four days ago, a neighbourhood in South Pattaya has been troubled by disruptive all-night-long antics from a group of Arab youths on loud motorcycles. Residents have called on the police to take action. To read more click HERE.

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