Thailand’s Zoological Park Organization hosts first ‘To Be A Zoo Vet’ event

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Thailand’s Zoological Park Organization organised its first annual experience-based educational event, ‘To Be A Zoo Vet.’ The initiative was aimed at offering hands-on experiences to budding veterinarians in real zoological settings. The event unfolded over two days from July 15 at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo, located in Chon Buri’s Sri Racha district.

The innovative camp was attended by 20 students nearing the end of their secondary education. It was designed and facilitated by experts from the Conservation and Research Institute, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, and HelloAUDA – renowned as industry leaders in science and technology education design. The camp aimed to boost the value of conservation and research work by making it more accessible through pioneering learning methods.

Atthaporn Sriheran, Director of the Zoological Park Organization hailed its “success.”

Emphasising the practical approach taken in ‘To Be A Zoo Vet,’ he added…

“The participants were able to learn from real experiences alongside expert veterinarians and specialists. The curriculum was developed by a team led by the Conservation and Research Institute, in partnership with Khao Kheow Open Zoo and HelloAUDA.”

The engaging programme covered varied aspects of zoo veterinary services. Participants explored roles including: A vet curator, who expertly manages the zoo system; a vet practitioner, specialising in wildlife care; and a vet pathologist, an expert in animal autopsy. The attendees also engaged in activities centred around animal welfare in zoos and hands-on wildlife care outside animals’ natural habitats.

These activities included unique experiences like the ‘Island of Lemurs,’ and cleaning tortoises alongside the zookeepers. The Zoological Park Organisation is dedicated to providing similar engaging activities for young individuals interested in wildlife conservation. Comprehensive information on these initiatives can be found on its official website:

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