Arrested ‘New Pakaphum’ caught attempting suicide in cells at police station in Sa Kaeo province

New Pakpoom, a close associate of drug lord Sua, was apprehended yesterday just before crossing the night and later attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself in his cell at Klong Luek Police Station, Sa Kaeo Province. Today, Atchariya Reuangratanapong, the President of Crime Victims Assistance Club brought a 25-year-old female victim and the family of a 25-year-old deceased male to give their statements to the investigation officers led by Pol Lt Col Surachet Hakfound.

The female victim was assaulted by New Pakpoom, aged 30, after being plied with alcohol and sexually violated. The deceased male was drugged and later died. The incident took place on the night of March 4. At 8pm yesterday, New Pakpoom was apprehended in Sa Kaeo Province and tried to kill himself by hanging inside his cell at Klong Luek Police Station. His body was discovered this morning.

Atchariya said that there is one deceased and one female victim in this case, who were dating each other. They had reported the case to Ladprao Police Station on March 4. The female victim was violated by New after she was heavily intoxicated and unconscious. She woke up later with her clothes inside out. At the same time, the 25-year-old male victim, who was drinking alcohol with them in a rented house in Ladprao Soi 101, became unconscious on the morning of March 4, 10 am. He passed away while being transported to the hospital. Later, the female victim and the family of the deceased reported the crime to Ladprao Police Station.

Atchariya further explained that the case had not made significant progress since then. Meanwhile, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) had requested a court warrant for the arrest of New in connection to online gambling and money laundering. Surveillance teams led by Pol Lt Col Surachet arrested New Pakpoom yesterday evening at 8pm in Sa Kaeo Province. Initially, it was planned to transfer New to Bangkok and hold a press conference. However, he used a blanket to hang himself in his cell at 10pm yesterday and his body was discovered this morning.

New Pakpoom had a history of involvement in the drug trade and a major online gambling website in Thailand. He was wanted by the DSI for online gambling and money laundering offences. In relation to the case involving the two victims, it is now impossible to pursue further action as the suspect is already deceased. The civil claim for damages cannot proceed either as the DSI has already seized New’s assets. Atchariya said that a background check revealed that New owned 27 gambling websites based in Poipet, Cambodia, and was a close associate of drug lord Sua. It is believed that he committed suicide due to stress and fear, as his case had attracted public attention.

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