Arrest warrant issued in Phetchaburi for suspect in vendor’s murder

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The Thai authorities issued an arrest warrant for Phimwaj, known as Arm Hua Saphan, for the intentional murder of a 30 year old street vendor who was shot dead while driving in Phetchaburi province.

The victim’s father has revealed a possible motive of jealousy and vengeance, suggesting that the assailant harboured resentment due to his acquaintanceship with the victim’s girlfriend, who is also related to a well-known retired police general. The police are being urged to pursue the case with sincerity.

The streets of Phetchaburi province were the scene of a tragic event when Sutat, a 30 year old street vendor, was fatally shot by an assailant on a Honda Scoopy motorcycle. The incident occurred on Petchkasem Road in the Hua Saphan area of Mueang Phetchaburi district. The perpetrator, identified as a 30 year old local Phimwaj or Arm, is now the subject of an arrest warrant approved by the Phetchaburi provincial court, reported KhaoSod.

The charges against Phimwaj include premeditated murder and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. The investigation led by Police Colonel Wanchai Khawram, the superintendent of Mueang Phetchaburi Police Station, suggested that the motive might involve a romantic dispute.

“Although we need to interrogate the suspect further, there were prior problems between the two, which likely led to the fatal confrontation.”

The case took a more complex turn when Thong and the 65 year old victim’s father, pointed to jealousy and vengeance as potential motives for the murder. He disclosed that the conflict might stem from his son’s interactions with the suspect’s girlfriend, whom Sutat had known since their school days.

“Phimwaj might have misinterpreted their conversation as a sign of infidelity.”

Known for his jealousy, Phimwaj had a history of confrontations with anyone who spoke to his girlfriend. He also had previous altercations with Sutat.

In a heartfelt plea, Thong implored the police for their support.

“I am alone and do not know anyone. The culprit is the nephew of a former prominent police general in Phetchaburi, and I have no one else to turn to. Please, I urge the police to handle my son’s case earnestly and by the law.”

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