Army clarifies conscripts’ commemorative item rumours

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The Fourth Army Region clarified the recent rumours regarding deductions from conscripts’ salaries for commemorative shirts and rings, stating that such items are optional and not enforced. The military training units have no policy mandating these purchases.

The official Facebook page of the Fourth Army Region issued a statement addressing the claims that conscripts in Thailand’s southern border provinces were being charged for commemorative items like shirts and rings. The statement emphasised that there is no policy within the army to produce or distribute such items for active-duty soldiers.

The need for these commemorative items arises from the personal requests of conscripts in certain units who wish to have souvenirs such as class rings or shirts.

Military training units are not obligated to provide these items and have only collected the requests to propose them for approval. The costs associated with these items have not been approved by the commanding officers. For essential personal items, training units provide them as necessary, but only to a minimal extent.

Currently, the new conscripts are undergoing their regular training at designated locations, focusing on specific military courses. They have not yet reached the period when they are permitted to take leave and return home.

The Fourth Army Region’s commander has always prioritised the rights and welfare of all military personnel. Policies and procedures have been established to ensure that all unit commanders at every level are responsible for the welfare and rights of their subordinates, as well as the overall improvement of their quality of life and that of their families.

Corrupt practices

If any violations or corrupt practices are discovered, strict disciplinary and legal actions will be taken against those involved. The public is urged to critically assess the sources of their information and avoid unnecessary panic. For accurate information, individuals can directly contact the Fourth Army Region at 0-7538-3405 or follow updates on their official Facebook page.

“The Fourth Army Region does not have any policy regarding the production or procurement of commemorative rings and shirts for active-duty soldiers.”

These items are purely based on the desires of the majority of new conscripts in certain units. The training units have simply compiled these requests to present for approval, and no approval for the associated costs has been granted by the commanding officers, it continued.

The statement also highlighted that training units only procure essential personal items for new conscripts as necessary and within a minimal scope. The training activities are ongoing at regular locations, focusing on specific military courses, without any leave period having commenced.

The commander of the Fourth Army Region has consistently emphasised the importance of the rights and welfare of all military personnel, implementing policies and procedures to ensure that all unit commanders are attentive to the welfare and rights of their subordinates and their families.

In cases of detected violations or corrupt behaviour, severe disciplinary and military legal actions will be enforced. The public is encouraged to verify the sources of their information and refrain from undue alarm. Accurate information can be obtained by contacting the Fourth Army Region directly or following their official Facebook page for updates, reported Khaosod.

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