Anarchic passenger causes chaos on bus trip from Phuket to Bangkok

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An anarchic passenger caused chaos for other travellers on a journey from Phuket to Bangkok today. The nuisance man annoyed his fellow passengers, illegally smoked, insulted staff members, and smashed a window with a fire extinguisher before leaping from the bus into busy oncoming traffic on Rama II Road in Bangkok.

The driver of a Phuket-Bangkok coach bus, 51 year old Mana Niamhom, notified Bang Mod Police Station after 32 year old Sarayut Noibuathip jumped from the bus in the middle of the Rama II Road.

Sarayut injured himself in the process and lay on the road covered in blood. A rescue team arrived on the scene and administered first aid before sending him to Sook Sawat Hospital.

The bus driver told police that Sarayut got on the bus from a terminal in Phuket and sat in seat No. 25. Sarayut was fine until the bus reached Rama II Road where he become irritable, and started bothering a female member of staff and some other passengers.

He smoked cigarettes inside the bus toilet and when he ran out started hassling Mana and another driver for more cigarettes. Mana urged Sarayut to go back to his seat, which annoyed him.

He then grabbed a fire extinguisher, smashed it against the window and jumped out into oncoming traffic. He was lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

Sarayut’s family later contacted Bang Mod Police Station and told them Sarayut had some mental health problems. The family added they were willing to pay for all of the damages.

According to the police report, Sarayut was in stable condition in hospital.

Officers questioned him about the incident in hospital. He said that he wanted to get off the bus but the driver refused to stop the bus.

Officers added that Sarayut was confused and will question him further after he recovers from his injuries.

Initially, Sarayut was charged with violating Section 358 of the Criminal Law: destroying another person’s property. The charge will result in imprisonment for up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 baht, or both.

Officers revealed Sarayut would later undergo a drug test and face more charges if any narcotic substances are found in his blood.

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