Ambulance blocked by pickup truck in Pattaya sparks social backlash

Photo courtesy of Khao Sod

A white pickup truck blocking an ambulance on its way to tend to a foreign patient experiencing chest pain has sparked a social backlash. The incident occurred yesterday, December 25, with the 48 year old poster of the clip, Taveeporn, urging people to make way for ambulances.

The incident took place near a condominium close to the scene of the accident. A Russian resident experienced chest pains, prompting contact with the lifesaving officials of Sawang Boriboon Pattaya City. An initial assessment was made before coordinating with a Pattaya City Hospital ambulance to assist at the scene, reported Khao Sod.

As seen in the clip, a white Mitsubishi Titan pickup truck with a black bumper attempted to block the ambulance from passing before reaching the U-turn at the condominium entrance. Having lived abroad, Taveeporn expressed surprise at the incident, stating that in other countries, cars would immediately move left and turn off their engines to allow ambulances to pass. He questioned why such an incident occurred in Thailand and implored others to make way for ambulances, no matter the severity of the patient’s condition.

Following the incident, Taveeporn shared the clip on TikTok, generating a large number of comments and opinions on the situation.

In related news, in a remarkable act of kindness, a young motorcyclist in Phuket cleared the way for an ambulance during rush hour chaos. Riding a Honda Click, the motorcyclist skillfully manoeuvred through heavy traffic, allowing the ambulance to reach its destination for an emergency patient over a 4-kilometre distance. The incident, captured on video by a rescue worker, showcases the unnamed motorcyclist’s selfless actions, earning gratitude from the rescue worker and acknowledgement on social media. This heartwarming story contrasts with recent incidents of ambulance attacks, highlighting the importance of community support in emergencies.

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