Young motorcyclist emerges as hero in Phuket traffic jam

Photo courtesy of Phuket News

During the evening rush hour chaos at the Koh Kaew intersection in Phuket last night, December 12, an unassuming young motorcyclist helped clear the way for an ambulance carrying a patient through heavy traffic.

The motorcyclist rode a Honda Click. The incident was captured on video by Wisarut Saman, a rescue worker with Kusoldharm. He took to TikTok to share the footage of the motorcyclist deftly manoeuvring through the congestion, clearing a path for the ambulance.

Saman recounted how the ambulance was travelling southbound along Thep Krasattri Road, racing to deliver an emergency patient to the hospital, a distance of over 4 kilometres.

Wisarut admitted being initially perplexed by the motorcyclist’s actions, unsure of his motivation.

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“I was taken aback. At first, I didn’t comprehend what he was doing.”

However, as the rescue worker understood the man’s intentions, he was filled with admiration and gratitude for the young motorcyclist, reported Phuket News.

In his social media post, Wisarut expressed his gratitude to the unknown good Samaritan.

“Thank you, good citizen, driving motorcycle registration number 1Kor 2366 Phuket for helping open the way for an ambulance transporting an emergency patient to hospital.”

Beyond acknowledging the young motorcyclist, the rescue worker also thanked everyone else who assisted in clearing the way.

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