Residents flock to lucky Thai temple, offer cosmetics for winning lottery numbers

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Residents flocked to make offerings and buy beauty products for the Ta Kiean Thong Spirits at a famed temple in Korat after numerous lottery wins. The five Ta Kiean Thong sisters are believed to favour those who adorn them, with many paying respects at the Wat Samanmit temple.

Residents have been purchasing Thai outfits and cosmetics to offer to the five Ta Kiean Thong sisters at a renowned temple in Korat, following several consecutive lottery successes. Offerings such as pig heads, boiled eggs, coloured water, Thai clothing, and makeup have been made to the five sisters – Mother Ta Kiean Thong, Mother Soi Thong, Mother Soi Kaew, Mother Soi Ngern, and Mother Thong Soi – after they reportedly brought good fortune.

A local girl from the Phimai district, Sombat Suangpimai, believes that adorning the five Ta Kiean Thong sisters at Wat Samanmit, will result in lottery wins as they appreciate beauty and charm. Today, the 20 year old travelled to the temple hoping to receive good fortune.

Sombat went on to say that, after applying powder to the Ta Kiean tree, she found the number 57 and a shape resembling the number 576, which matched the number she had used to adorn the tree. If she wins the lottery this time, she plans to buy silk cloth and offer it to the Ta Kiean sisters.

The five Ta Kiean sisters were brought from the Jakkaraj River and are believed to be over 100 years old. They had been submerged in water for a long time before the head monk brought them to the temple.

In related news, a 93 year old lottery winner accused her granddaughter of stealing her winning lottery tickets worth 12 million baht. The accused woman denied all allegations.

The alleged lottery winner, Jee Chaowangyen, filed a complaint with Nong Prue Police Station in the central province of Kanchanaburi that her granddaughter, 53 year old Saengthong Sri-atcha, stole two winning lottery tickets worth 12 million baht from her. Read more about the story HERE.

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