AirAsia unveils new mouth-watering Thai menu

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AirAsia takes inflight dining to a whole new level with the introduction of a truly Thai menu, delighting travellers from Thailand and beyond. Starting July 1, passengers on Thai AirAsia (FD) and Thai AirAsia X (XJ) flights can savour the authentic flavours of Thailand, crafted to perfection.

The highlight of the new menu is the Flying Kuai Tiew Ruea (Chicken Boat Noodles). This delectable dish features perfectly prepared vermicelli noodles served in a rich broth, accompanied by succulent chicken meatballs and tender soy sauce chicken. A true treat for noodle lovers, this dish promises to bring a taste of Thailand to the skies.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Khao Tom Mud Jai is a must-try. This indulgent dessert consists of sticky rice steamed with coconut milk, wrapped in a banana leaf, and served with banana and a generous helping of everyone’s favourite Nutella chocolate spread. It’s a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours.

Back by popular demand, the authentic Lamphun Longan Juice and the innovative Longan Americano are also making a return. These refreshing drinks are a nod to Thailand’s rich agricultural heritage, supporting local longan farmers in Lamphun.

Director of Inflight Products and Services for Thai AirAsia Ornanong Methapipattanakul expressed her excitement.

“AirAsia is very pleased to be featuring the flavours of Thailand, focusing on familiar Thai delicacies that are given an AirAsia twist to make them more appealing to travellers from across the globe. Our Flying Boat Noodles and Khao Tom Mud Jai are extraordinary examples of Thai classics updated for modern travellers.

“Both are available on AirAsia inflight menus for the first time and shouldn’t be missed. In response to popular demand and to support longan farmers in Lamphun, AirAsia is also bringing back the Longan Juice and Longan Americano drink selections.”

To celebrate the launch of these tantalising menu options, AirAsia is running a special Satisfied for Sure promotion from July 15 to 31, reported

Passengers can enjoy exclusive treats and purchase seasonal merchandise, including an aeroplane-themed puzzle, AirAsia hat, seatbelt keychain, and more, either in-flight or through AirAsia MOVE at

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