Nonthaburi restaurant uses gun target sheet to deter thieves

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A small restaurant in Nonthaburi has taken an unusual step to deter thieves by placing a shooting range target sheet next to their display menu. This decision follows a recent theft that left the eatery unable to operate for a day.

At 6pm yesterday, July 1, a made-to-order food restaurant in Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, displayed a shooting range target sheet on the wall near the menu. This unusual sight piqued the curiosity of customers, who questioned the motive behind the display.

The owner of the restaurant, 39 year old Salma explained that the reason for putting up the target sheet, which belongs to her father, was due to a theft incident earlier this month.

A meat vendor delivering fresh ingredients in the morning, before the restaurant had opened, was robbed of all the fresh goods worth over 2,000 baht. This theft prevented Salma from opening her restaurant for the entire day. Salma revealed her motives behind deploying the unusual thief-deterring target sheet.

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“My father enjoys practising shooting at the range, so I decided to put his target sheet up in the restaurant to intimidate potential thieves,

“If someone is truly in need or starving, they can ask for food, and I will gladly provide. However, it is unacceptable to commit crimes that cause hardship for hardworking people.”

Salma also expressed her understanding of the current economic difficulties, acknowledging that many people are unemployed and struggling. Nonetheless, she emphasised that adding to others’ troubles is not the solution, reported KhaoSod.

She pointed out that most shots on the displayed target hit the mark, especially around the head area, implying that anyone attempting to steal would be risking their life. Salma eerily reiterates her non-tolerance of thieves.

“If you get shot, you will likely die instantly. This way, you can avoid the risk of being disabled or paralysed… Don’t be fooled by appearances, [I am not] as kind-hearted towards thieves as I may seem.”

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