TikToker shares flight passenger’s smelly feet on her armrest

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A recent incident on a plane has sparked outrage among online viewers of a viral post. A woman shared a video on TikTok, showing her disgust as a fellow flight passenger placed his stinky feet on her armrest. The video was posted by the username @kenggii, and it has since amassed a significant number of views and comments, raising serious debates on air travel etiquette.

The encounter took place around two months ago when the woman, known as Keng, was travelling to Vietnam from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The incident occurred while the flight attendants were serving passengers. Keng noticed an unpleasant smell and upon investigating, discovered the source was the feet of a foreign flight passenger sitting behind her. The passenger had placed his feet on her armrest, much to her shock and disgust.

Despite trying to shift in her seat to make the passenger aware, the individual continued to rest his feet on the armrest. He even moved his feet around, intensifying the unpleasant smell. Keng speculated he was likely trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. Feeling uncomfortable but not wanting to confront the passenger directly, Keng decided to film the incident. When a flight attendant noticed her discomfort, the attendant instructed the passenger to remove his feet, to which he complied.

At first, Keng thought the stinky foot smell was just from someone removing their shoes on the flight. She was shocked to discover that the feet were placed so close to her. After the incident, she used a wet wipe to clean the armrest and used ointment to mask the smell.

The video of the incident attracted a lot of attention and comments from social media users. Some were expressing their surprise over the incident, while others were sharing similar experiences of smelly feet on flights, reported KhaoSod.

In response to the incident, Keng said that it hasn’t deterred her from flying again. Instead, she now knows how to handle such situations if they arise in the future. She believes that everyone is aware of basic air travel etiquette, but if anyone encounters a similar situation, they should inform the flight attendant.

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