Acid attack survivor scammed out of motorbike by brutal loan shark

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In a recent incident, a 26 year old woman from the Ban Ngang district of Buriram province found herself victimised twice over. Initially, the woman, Wunpen, suffered facial disfigurement and blindness from an acid attack by her ex-husband in 2020.

Recently, she has been defrauded by a loan shark who refused to return her mortgaged motorbike, allegedly selling it to a teenager fond of modifying vehicles. She reported the incident to the local police today.

Wunpen shared her ordeal, detailing that she had mortgaged her Honda Wave 110 motorbike on September 1 to pay her debt of 2,400 baht.

The motorbike was pawned for 6,000 baht, from which 900 baht was deducted for interest, 500 baht for parking fees, and 2,400 baht to cover her debt, leaving her with 2,200 baht. The agreement was for her to redeem the motorbike within 30 days. However, when she tried to retrieve her motorbike before October 1, she was denied, despite it not being 30 days since the pawn. Finally, the loan shark demanded 25,000 baht for the return of the motorbike.

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Wunpen, who has been striving to make a living by herself since the acid attack in 2020, used the motorbike to sell goods and visit the doctor. She did not anticipate the loan shark’s ruthless behaviour.

She lodged a complaint at the Buriram City Police Station but the case has yet to progress. She now pleads for the return of her motorbike from the loan shark or the person who pawned it.

In related news, the Special Case Investigation Department (DSI) filed a lawsuit against a scammer and her 31 associates for soliciting fraudulent investment in precious gemstones, causing damages exceeding 227 million baht. The case encompasses over 50,000 documents and the suspects will be handed over to the prosecutor on September 28.

The DSI revealed that the Financial Business Crime Division had been investigating a special case in which the scammer Wanthanee, also known as Mae Manee, often referred to as Mother of Gems, together with her group, had lured people into investing through advertisements on Facebook. Read more about this story HERE

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