Young Thai woman found dead after suspected overdose in northeast Thailand

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A tragic incident occurred in Udon Thani province when a young woman was discovered dead in her ex-boyfriend’s room. Authorities promptly arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation.

The victim, 21 year old Supak, was found lifeless on the floor of room A9. The room’s occupant, a 20-year-old named Charupong, revealed that the deceased had consumed an excessive amount of a recreational drug commonly referred to as Pro or Happy Pill the previous night, resulting in a fatal overdose.

At noon today Officer Kritsada Channon, an investigative officer from Udon Thani City Police Station, received a report about a female’s death in an unnamed dormitory in Mak Khaeng Sub-district, Udon Thani province.

Upon receiving the report, he immediately proceeded to the scene with a duty doctor from Udon Thani Centre Hospital and officers from the Sa Wang Metta Tham Rescue Foundation.

On arrival at the scene, they discovered the lifeless body of 21 year old Supak, lying face-up on the dormitory floor. She was clad in a short-sleeved yellow sports shirt and black shorts.

In the same room, her close male friend and owner of the dormitory, a student at a local college, was visibly shocked and distressed.

Cough syrup

The authorities sent the body for autopsy and found a bottle of cough syrup in the room, which they collected as evidence. A small tiger-patterned kitten, which belonged to the deceased, was also found loyally guarding its deceased owner.

Upon inquiry, 20 year old Charupong recounted that the previous night, his former girlfriend had consumed an unknown quantity of a recreational drug known as Pro or Happy Pill.

At that time, he had been in the bathroom. Later that day, he found her lying motionless and despite his attempts, she did not wake up.

Charupong touched her nose and realised she was not breathing, which prompted him to immediately inform the police.

He suspected that the cause of her death was an overdose of a recreational drug.

Charupong further revealed that he had known the dead girl through Facebook. She had been staying in his room for three days as she was planning to move into a new dormitory on October 1. She had nowhere to stay, so he had allowed her to live with him temporarily.

Female friends

For the past two to three days, her female friends had been visiting her and they consumed the recreational drug together. However, he had warned them not to consume too much as it made him uncomfortable.

Charupong suspected that the previous night, the deceased had taken an excessive amount of the recreational drug, which led to her overdose.

The 62 year old dormitory caretaker stated that the deceased had been living alone but her female friends frequently visited her. He had occasionally heard them partying at night.

That day, just before noon, a girl ran out of the room, claiming that her friend was dead. He hurriedly went to check and found that she was indeed dead.

After the autopsy, the authorities will contact the relatives to claim the body and proceed with the last rites according to their customs.

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