Heartbreaking find: Newborn baby found dead in Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

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A shocking discovery was made earlier today when a newborn baby was found dead floating in the Chao Phraya River near a pier. Local police are now searching for the individual who left the child.

Khunakorn Kamsri, the Deputy Inquiry Official at Bawon Mongkol Police Station, says he was alerted to the incident at around 9.30am today. The dead body was spotted floating near the dock of the Rajathiwas temple located on Soi Samsen 9 in Bangkok’s Dusit district.

After the baby’s dead body was brought ashore, an umbilical cord was found attached to the body, indicating that the child was a newborn. There were no visible signs of physical injury to the body. Initial assumptions estimate that the child had been dead for not less than 24 hours, reported KhaoSod. Khunakorn said…

“The baby’s body surfaced in the vicinity of the dock. Our preliminary guess is that it’s a newborn baby.”

The macabre discovery was initially made by a 52 year old resident, Morakot Sujintahirun. She was out for her regular morning exercise when she noticed an unidentified object floating in the water. At first, she believed it was a coconut until closer inspection revealed it was a baby.

“I saw something floating in the water. Initially, I thought it was a coconut, but when it drifted closer, I noticed eyes, a nose, and a mouth.”

Morakot then enlisted the help of nearby individuals to ascertain what it was. The morbid reality soon dawned upon them, and they quickly alerted the police.

In the wake of this horrific incident, the Bawon Mongkol Police Station directed its investigation division to urgently find the person who abandoned the child.

The baby’s body was removed and sent for autopsy at Siriraj Hospital to gather more evidence and verify the child’s identity. The search is now on to locate the bereaved family so they may perform the final religious rites for the lost child.

Abandoned newborn babies are common in Thailand, to read more click HERE.

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