Pedo teacher sexually assaults students under 15 years old, bigamously marries one pupil

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The debauched actions of a pedophile school teacher have been exposed after the parents of one of his victims shed light on the alleged sex offender in the Isaan province of Chaiyaphum. The pedo teacher reportedly sexually assaulted more than 10 students under 15 years old while trying to cover his dirty deeds with cash. He even committed bigamy by marrying one of the students he had a relationship with.

A victim’s parents revealed the actions of the depraved teacher to the public on Tuesday, August 8. They claimed that the community leader noted the issue but did not take any action and let the teacher work at the school like nothing had happened.

The teacher remained in his position and continued sexually assaulting more schoolgirls. He was caught again and repeatedly promised to leave the school but made no move. He then blackmailed each student to keep quiet by giving them money to end the issue.

The director of the Chaiyaphum Shelter for Children and Families, Pattranit Korkuson, revealed to the media that she and the relevant authorities visited each victim to assess their mental health after the disturbing experiences.

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Pattranit revealed more details of the issue to the media. She stated that the suspect was a physical education teacher and had close contact with the female footballers. He grabbed this as a chance to lure the athletes into having sex with him.

Pattranit said the teacher gave 50,000 baht to one family after the parents caught him sexually assaulting their daughter. The teacher also provided 50,000 baht to another family after the student got pregnant by him.

According to Pattranit, the teacher then sexually assaulted another student and attempted to pay off the parents with another 50,000 baht. However, the parents demanded 100,000 baht from the teacher and demanded he married their daughter.

The teacher married his student, as her parents requested, despite having a wife and children. The two later separated and the student moved to Bangkok because of the embarrassment.

Pattranit accused the community leader in the area of helping the teacher. She stated that some parents who exposed the story were threatened by the community leader and the teacher. The victims and their families are frightened and worried that another incident will occur.

The Chaiyaphume Provincial Governor, Sophon Suwannarat, reported to ThaiRat yesterday, August 9, that he ordered the school director to set up a committee to investigate the matter and provide an update to him.

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