71 year old groom’s lavish wedding to 32 year old bride stirs debate

An unconventional wedding between a 71 year old groom and his 32 year old bride recently sparked a stir on Chinese social media. The groom’s generosity during the wedding a dowry worth almost 600,000 baht – and the striking age gap of nearly 40 years between the couple has triggered widespread speculation about their motivations for marriage.

The ceremony took place in Shexian province, China. The groom, and the bride, showcased their love in a ceremony that cost an estimated 120,000 yuan, roughly 590,000 baht. The groom, looking radiant, eagerly awaited his bride, who appeared in a vibrant red dress, greeting relatives and friends with a jovial smile.

According to residents, the bride, a widow with a child from a previous marriage, had struggled to find a young man willing to take on the responsibility of a ready-made family. That was until she met the groom who willingly accepted her and her child.

The groom, a retired man who had once enjoyed a content life with a warm family, had chosen a solitary life after a property dispute with his daughter. The bride brought happiness back into his life, prompting him to propose and subsequently marry her. The wedding received overwhelming support from the local community.

The groom expressed his contentment, reported KhaoSod.

“I am very happy now and happy to use my retirement money to take care of my wife and children.”

In related wedding news, a 47 year old bride married for the first time, making no demands for a dowry, house, or car, only wanting her remarkably handsome groom. The wedding took place in the city of Fujian, China, where the middle-aged woman discovered true love and donned a wedding dress for the first time.

Despite the age gap seeming significant, there was merely a five-year difference, with the groom being 42 years old. Even the best makeup artists couldn’t conceal the wrinkles on the bride’s face, but her broad smile was the most prominent feature of the day. To read more click HERE.

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