3 metre long python caught near family’s house in Phuket

PHOTO: Noah K. Fields/Flickr

Recently, a group of civil defence volunteers were called to a family’s house in Srisoonthorn, Phuket to help catch a 3 metre long python.

Nopparit Rungrueng, who is the headman of the Srisoonthorn Subdistrict led the team of snake finders/catchers.

The volunteers got to the house just before noon and started to look for the snake, which was spotted by the family as the snake slithered behind their house. The volunteers quickly located the 3 metre reptile, although it was not reported where the snake was or what it was doing when they found it.

Nopparit says it took much longer to catch the snake than it did to fo find it. He confirmed its length of 3 metres and says the python, which has the appearance of a Burmese Python but has not been confirmed as such, will be released into the jungle. He attempted to assuage the public’s fears of running into the snake, which is nearly two Danny Devitos in length, by saying the jungle is far from any residential areas in the Khao Phra Thaeo in Thalang.

Last month a python went viral after it was caught in a drain cover in Si Racha.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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