3 detained in seizure of 100kg narcotics

In a significant narcotics bust in Thailand, authorities have apprehended suspects from three countries and intercepted over 100 kilograms of drugs, according to the Narcotics Control Board (NCB).

On Tuesday, Thai authorities received information regarding the smuggling of heroin from Thailand to Australia. Working together with a joint task force, the NCB managed to seize 80 bricks of heroin, totalling 29.6kg in weight. The narcotics were concealed within plastic resin and were ready for distribution from a warehouse in the Bung Kum district of Bangkok.

The authorities arrested Kanda Kanthong, a 34-year-old native of Songkhla, at the scene. She allegedly confessed to having been hired by Leung Ka Wing, a 63-year-old Malaysian man. Wing was subsequently detained at a petrol station on Rama III Road, where an additional 3.3kg of methamphetamine encased in resin was discovered in his vehicle. Jai Lhu, a 36-year-old Thai national, was also arrested.

Further interrogations led the Thai officials to another member of the smuggling ring, Kai Cheong Chan, a 62-year-old man from Hong Kong. Chan was found in his condominium in the Yannawa district of Bangkok, where 29.9kg of methamphetamine and 63.4kg of heroin were seized.

Collaborating with the Australian police, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau traced the destination of the drugs to a Thai-Australian individual residing in Australia. The authorities are currently pursuing the individual.

Overall, the bust signifies a crucial victory in the ongoing struggle against narcotics and cross-border drug trafficking. As international cooperation among law enforcement agencies continues to increase, it is hoped that such arrests and seizures will become more common, ultimately disrupting the global narcotics trade and making it increasingly difficult for criminals to smuggle drugs across borders.

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Mitch Connor

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