Woman’s fall from third floor meets ‘slippery’ rescue on banana tree in Thailand

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A young woman from Phayao province fell from the third floor of an apartment building in Chon Buri province and landed on a banana tree. The incident took place at Soi Chaiyaporn Withee 7 in Bang Lamung district around 12.20am today. The surrounding villagers and the apartment owner quickly reported the event to the local rescue centre in Pattaya City, which dispatched an ambulance to the scene.

The apartment is a five-storey building located off the beaten track. The rescuers found the 24 year old woman, referred to as ‘B’ to protect her identity, lying next to a broken banana tree. The fall caused severe injuries, including leg and arm pain, chest stiffness, and apparent memory loss. First aid was provided by rescue officials before she got rushed to the hospital.

Upon investigation, the apartment owner recounted hearing a falling noise followed by cries for help near the banana tree, which prompted him to call the emergency services. The cause of the woman’s fall remains unknown, and it’s not certain what events led to this unfortunate incident.

Additional reports stated that upon observing the incident, residents noted how fortunate she was to have had a banana tree break her fall. They expressed their belief that without the tree, ‘B’ could have faced more severe injuries, possibly resulting in a fatality.

In January, a GoFundMe appeal raised nearly 3 million baht to cover the medical costs of a 21 year old British woman who sustained serious injuries after falling from a low balcony in Koh Pha Ngan in southern Thailand on New Year’s Eve.

Maddi Neale-Shankster, a beauty therapist from Coventry in England, suffered a broken back, two collapsed lungs, and her ribs pierced into her liver, her mother Karen Moseley-Neale told reporters.

The 3 million baht will cover Maddi’s medical costs and her journey back home accompanied by a specialist team of medical assistants, said Karen. Over 1,400 generous people donated to the fundraiser. To read more click HERE.

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