LGBTQ+ rights: US and UK envoys strengthen support in Thailand

In a reaffirmation of their commitment towards promoting LGBTQ+ rights across the globe, the United States and the United Kingdom have taken a significant initiative to support Thailand in its valorous efforts. This came as a collective resolve showcased at the US-UK Annual Pride Event that took place on June 23 with the theme, ‘United in Love 2023.’

The event acknowledged the tenacity of human rights defenders who tirelessly work towards ensuring LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion. It was during this juncture that both the envoys from the UK and the US expressed their intent for bolstering commitments towards enhancing gender equality and upholding the rights of the LGBTQ+ communities within Thailand. They were unified in the belief that love is universal and should be free from the restraints of bias and discrimination.

Amidst sharing his experiences, Mark Gooding, acting as the ambassador for Britain, threw light upon Thailand’s journey towards attaining gender equality. He fondly remarked at how Thailand graciously welcomes LGBTQ+ individuals from all strata of life. He recollected the pivotal event when he and his husband were among the few couples to have their relationship officially recognised following the passage of the Civil Partnership Bill by the UK in 2005. Highlighting the importance of ensuring equal LGBTQ+ rights, he said in powerful terms, “This is important … to be treated equally, not differently from other people. Not be given more, not be given less. Also, the rights that come with [marriage], from tax benefits, inheritance, need to be equal.”

LGBTQ+ rights: US and UK envoys strengthen support in Thailand | News by Thaiger
Photo Courtesy of Gooding’s LinkedIn: Mark Gooding at the UK investment conference in Bangkok to strengthen ties

Exuding willingness to extend assistance to Thailand’s forthcoming government on matters of LGBTQ+ rights, Gooding expressed that the UK was prepared to foster support for the initiative, excited by the prospects of collective growth and enriched experiences, reported Bangkok Post.

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Echoing a similar sentiment, Robert F Godec, the envoy from the US, expressed satisfaction at the strides made by both US and Thailand concerning LGBTQ+ rights.

“We look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with the community and Thai government to share our experiences and hopefully continue to make progress in the months and years ahead… This community needs to be fully and globally recognised and fully free to love whom they love and marry whom they wish and make their own choices about their lives. That is what’s important, and it is true across the entire world,” Godec said.

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