13 year old Thai boy gives gift of life through organ donation

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Doctors from Hua Hin Hospital and the Thai Red Cross Society paid tribute to a 13 year old boy who tragically passed away from a brain aneurysm, for his exceptional act of donating organs that will potentially save multiple lives.

Patcharaphon Srilert’s family decided to honour his memory by donating his liver, kidneys, and heart valves to aid several patients awaiting life-saving treatments.

The Thai Red Cross played a vital role in transporting the donated organs from Hua Hin Hospital to Chulalongkorn Hospital, with a dedicated team of surgeons, nurses, and support staff working tirelessly to ensure the success of this crucial mission.

In the early hours this Wednesday, February 7, the medical team, in collaboration with the Thai Red Cross, set out from Chulalongkorn Hospital to Hua Hin Hospital, navigating through the time-sensitive operation with the coordination of highway police and volunteer rescuers for a swift and safe journey.

The temperature-controlled boxes housing the precious organs were carefully packed by 10am, and the convoy commenced its journey back to Bangkok, escorted by highway police and supported by volunteer rescuers, with public cooperation ensuring the prompt and safe arrival of the organs at their destination.

The selfless act of organ donation by Patcharaphon is expected to significantly improve, if not save, the lives of several patients, a sentiment echoed by Dr Suwit Pandit and Dr Panpoom Choochaiyamangkla as they honoured the boy’s family with a certificate of honour in recognition of their noble deed, reported Hua Hin Today.

The Thai Red Cross Society also extended heartfelt condolences to Patcharaphon’s family, expressing hope that the generosity of this act will bring everlasting joy and peace to his memory.

In related news, in December last year, the Thai medical sector mourned the loss of Dr Krittai Tanasombatkul, a 29 year old doctor, known for his Facebook page, Fight for It, and who fought against terminal lung cancer.

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