10 people injured after drunk crashes car into ordination ceremony

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A drunk driver crashed his car into an ordination ceremony at a temple in the central province of Lopburi on Saturday because of an alleged grievance with the event host. Ten people were injured at the scene with two suffering serious injuries.

Officers from Koke Samrong Police Station and the Koke Samrong Hospital rescue team rushed to the Khao Saphan Nark Temple to help victims who were injured after a 47 year old man named Weerachai Nakkawan reportedly crashed his sedan into the ordination event while people were sitting and eating food on tables.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered the accused’s damaged car and an unconscious Weerachai, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, outside the car.

Officers immediately took the suspect to the police station to prevent a further attack by the ceremony guests. His blood alcohol level was over 160 milligrammes, three times higher than the legal limit of 50 milligrammes.

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During the investigation, officers found a 50-centimetre-long knife in Weerachai’s car. Some of the guests believe that he planned to attack people at the event with the weapon.

According to ThaiRath, there was some animosity between Weerachai and the event host, 60 year old Ruengsak. The details of their dispute were not reported. Ruengsak invited Weerachai’s mother to the event, not him.

Ruengsak revealed that he wanted the police to file a severe charge against Weerachai. He also blamed Weerachai for using too much cannabis and urged the public health minister to watch over the cannabis law. He said…

“Weerachai worked as an army officer in the province. He always fired a gun without a reason and threatened people. He also used cannabis. The freedom of cannabis makes users crazy. Users immerse themselves in cannabis use until they go mad. Locals are frightened of those people.”

The owner of the catering company, Peerapon Limkaew, reported to the Thai media that the food, tables, and chairs of his company were destroyed. The damage was worth nearly 50,000 baht. The lighting installation and three vehicles parked at the scene were damaged. Peerapon said…

“I am still shocked. I have been operating a catering business for a long time but have not found anyone doing something like this. Some of my employees were injured in the incident.”

The charge against Weerachai has not been reported by the police. According to his actions, Weerachai could face imprisonment for one to five years and a fine of 20,000 to 100,000 baht for drunk driving that causes injury to others. His driving licence was also suspended for at least one year.

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