Falling power pole kills woman in Chantha Buri

PHOTO: Woman killed in a freak accident when power pole falls on her. (via Nation)

A woman met a surprising and untimely demise after a power pole fell on her in Chantha Buri province. She’s been walking through a waterfall park in the province yesterday morning when strong winds suddenly felled the power pole, killing her instantly.

The freak accident took place in the Priew Waterfall National Park did the far eastern province bordering Cambodia. The unlucky victim was identified as a 63 year old woman from the northern province of Nan. She has been on holiday visiting the waterfall park along with six companions.

The group of friends had only arrived the night before having driven all the way to Chantha Buri on Saturday. They stayed near the beach at a hotel for the night and then headed early morning to the national park to enjoy the natural scenery.

The group had already finished their sightseeing by 8.30am and were returning to their car. The wind kicked up and a strong gale suddenly knocked over four power poles, as well as a number of trees nearby. The unexpected guest hey the woman no warning and no time to react.

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One of the power poles crashed directly into her as it collapsed and she was killed instantly.

Park authorities have decided to close down that area of the national park for the next 3 days. They will use that time the clear the fallen trees and repair the downed power lines, according to Nation Thailand.

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