Army officer wounded in Chiang Mai firefight with drug runners

PHOTO: Soldiers on patrol in Chiang Dao district, where one was shot in a firefight yesterday - Chiang Rai Times

A firefight with drug smugglers in Chiang Mai province’s Chiang Dao district has left an army officer wounded and in hospital.

A patrol was dispatched to a border village in Chiang Dao on Sunday, after a tip-off. The informant said drugs would be brought across the border through the Nong Kalang pass.

Early yesterday a group was spotted coming from the border. They were ordered to stop but instead opened fire. The soldiers returned fire, and the drug runners dropped their sacks and fled back over the border.

During the firefight, the patrol leader, Lietenant Arthit Kiangkham was shot and wounded. He was later admitted to Maharat Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital, Thai media report.

SOURCES: Chiang Rai Times | The Daily News

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