Police investigate 27 year old woman’s death in Samut Prakan

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A 27 year old woman was found dead in an apartment yesterday in Samut Prakan, just southeast of Bangkok. The woman was naked, lying on a bed. Dried blood was on her face and on the pillow. And around her neck were marks, which appeared to be bruises. Police suspect she had been dead for around 48 hours.

The cause of death has not been determined, but police suspect foul play is involved. In a initial medical examination, the woman tested positive for Covid-19. Officers are still investigating and plan to examine 4 used condoms that were found at the scene.

The woman, identified as Jiarporn, didn’t have any conflicts with anyone and she lived alone. After reviewed nearby CCTV footage, Police say and a man visited Jiraporn on September 1. He left the apartment at 2:30am. Before leaving the apartment complex, the unidentified man spoke to a security guard. Police say the suspect could be anyone.

“From footage from surveillance cameras, the suspect can be anyone. Those who were believed to be involved are summoned for questioning. Everything is in process of collecting evidence and fact-checking.”

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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